Benefits Of Owning A Pet For Patients With Heart Disease

If you’re a dog lover, then you should know how much comfort and warmth these cute friends add to your lives. You surely know that having a pet at home reduces loneliness and anxiety. You should know that having a pet reduces the risks of asthma and allergy among kids. But did you also know that owning a pet is good for the heart- literally. Simply put, having a pet improves heart health.

Pet Ownership is good for the heart

Owning a pet, especially a dog, is likely associated with a significant decreased likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. Although it does not mean that there is a clear relationship between these two, it has been proven that pet ownership is considered as a reasonable part of a strategy in reducing the risks of having heart disease. With their health benefits, it’s a must that we take good care of them even in the least way such as knowing the natural paralysis tick prevention for dogs.

According to studies by East Ryde vet, homeowners who have pets at home tend to have lower blood pressure compared to those who don’t have pets. What might be the explanation? It is probably due to the fact their dogs or cats have a relaxing effect on them. Another possible reason is that pets could likely help dog owners stick to a healthy routine as they will spend more time to exercise with them. People who want to keep their blood pressure down always yearn to have a dog around them.

Pet Ownership helps lower cholesterol

Furthermore, there are some proofs that pet ownership is linked with triglyceride levels as well as lower cholesterol. A reputed study focused on this concern has revealed that pet owners had lower level of triglyceride and cholesterol compared to those who don’t have pets. Keep in mind that these findings have not been explainable by smoking, body mass index or diet. But still, there is still no clear conclusion regarding this issue.

Pet ownership wards off stress

Pet ownership also goes a long way to help people ward off stress and depression. Say for instance, some studies reveal that pet owners are less prone to cardiovascular reactions in times of stress and depression. Simply put, their blood pressure and their heart rate increase less and make it way to the normal level quickly than those who don’t have dogs. Hence, pet owners are less prone to the devastating impacts of stress. So love your pets back. If you think they are not in good shape, you better check with a licensed Pymble vet – Gordon Vet Hospital.

Whether you have a dog or you are still deciding whether or not to have it, try to look into the health benefits of pet ownership in order to help you come up with a brilliant decision. But there’s one thing that you need to know. Yes, it is true that owning a cute dog at home can improve heart health; but it does not mean that you only adopt these pets just for the purpose of reducing the likelihood of heart diseases. Likewise, you shouldn’t attempt to have a pet if you think you don’t have the capability of taking care of it.

Owning a pet brings a lot of benefits, including heart health benefits. But what comes along with these beneficial aspects are responsibilities that every pet owner should know.

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