Corporate Housing vs. Hotels in St Louis MO

When visiting a different state, the most common place to stay has always been a hotel. The hotel is always the first option because often times most people don’t know of any other option – outside of staying with a family member in that state. You may think that your have little choice but to pay for a hotel, whose charges include the cost of the room as well as parking or other amenities.

Depending on the city or state you’re in, the amount per night can be expensive. But what if there was another option outside of the mundane 5-star hotel? What if there was a way to get more than just the hotel experience?  This article is going to look at the fundamental differences between Corporate Housing vs. Hotels in St. Louis, MO.


Why Corporate Housing is Better than a Hotel

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Corporate housing has many uses. For starters, corporate housing is a convenient way for a traveling executive employee can move about on business trips. Families looking to move to a different state will choose corporate housing as a way to settle in. Corporate housing is a way to give a customer all the amenities of an apartment for cheaper than a hotel, as well as accommodating stays of extended periods of time. Corporate housing typically offers a 1-3 bedroom house, fully stocked with furniture and a kitchen, free WIFI, phone access, a washer and dryer, and cable television, in a comfortable 700-1800 feet of space.

The Cost and Amenities Difference

The amenities of corporate housing are not offered in most hotels. Most hotels will charge a customer 139-300 dollars a night for far less amenities offered, including being cramped in 300-500 feet of space. For the person staying in corporate housing, there is an at-home atmosphere that a hotel suite just can’t offer. The average hotel in St Louis will run a customer $199 per night, while a corporate suite in the same city will cost $70-$120 per night.

To live in corporate housing for a month with all the expenses, groceries included, the average cost in St Louis would come to about $2,100-$3,800 a month. When you average the cost of staying in a hotel room every night, those same expenses can vary from hotel to hotel, but generally speaking the average cost in St Louis would be $4,400-$11,790 a month. This is including meals, internet, and a hotel tax of $840.

Corporate housing is usually situated in a apartment community. In St. Louis, MO, the housing would be in the heart of the city located near the botanical gardens and the city museum. Corporate housing is a form of temporary housing. The luxuries offered will be much different than that of a resort-style hotel in many cases, but the cost is lower and the comfort level is high. This is the main reason why people should choose corporate housing over a hotel.

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