Don’t Play With Toy Safety: Tips For Buying Safe Toys For Kids

With sea of toys for children in the market, it’s important to ensure that the toys you buy for your kids are safe for them. Here are some tips on what to look out for when buying toys for your little princes and princesses.

Buy according to age.

If you think your children are smarter than their age, you might want to buy them a toy that is recommended for an older child. Well, believe us- it is not a good idea. It’s always a rule of thumb to buy something that gifts their age. Visit for age-appropriate play tables.

2-Year Old & Below

  • Crib safety is of utmost importance when selecting gifts for the tiniest ones. You want to buy toys that will not create the danger of entrapment or suffocation. Crib gyms, mobiles, or other hanging object should be avoided when infants turn five months old or can already pull up or push up on their own. Any toys with small, removable parts are not safe as well.

3- Year Old to 5

  • In this stage, it’s not good to buy toys with sharp edges, projectiles, long strings or pointed tips. Playing with these items could lead topossible blindness, injuries, and strangulation. Any toy with strings longer than six inches also should be avoided. Toys that spin very fast such as fidget spinners are developmentally inappropriate for children at this age so be sure to avoid them.

6-Year Old & Above

  • For kids 6 years old and above, their inquisitive natures make them love to explore. Even though their imaginations are active, they are not ready for hobby kits and chemistry sets. These toy items can lead to possible fires and explosions and also exposure to harmful chemicals. Be mindful of your child’s hearing when purchasing games that have loud sound effects. It may result in hearing loss.

Also, avoid toys that need to be plugged in. Children at this age are safer with battery-powered toys. Just remember to keep any button-sized batteries—which might be swallowed—away from younger siblings. You may consider buying best children slide at Step2 Direct for this age group.

Shop for new toys.

Used toys can have missing or loose parts that may be a choking or strangling risk. Older toys may also have lead paint or other harmful materials. Be sure to keep your kids safe from lead poisoning or other hazards by buying new toys.

Read labels carefully.

When shopping for toys, be sure to read on toy packages to help you decide if the toy is safe for a child’s age and matches his or her interests and abilities. Make sure the label says the toy is nontoxic—meaning it doesn’t contain materials that could be harmful.

Give your kids safety gear.

Are you buying a riding toy? If so, then don’t forget to include this safety gear for your skateboarding prince or tricycling kid.

There you go- safety toy buying tips for moms.

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