Efficient LED Panel Lighting

Up to 40% of every energy bill is lighting related so if your bills are sky-high have you checked that the lighting products in your premises are the most efficient, economic and leave a low carbon footprint?

Or, to put it more simply: Have you had LED lighting installed?

LED lighting specialists including market leaders like LED by Vision have retrofit, panel lighting, exterior lighting, bulbs, tubes, emergency, street and car park lighting so there’s a LED lighting solution for every application and myriad locations.

Commercial sector clients seek a better lighting solution not only to decrease bills but to minimise their carbon footprint and are delighted to discover that LED lighting improves productivity and safety.

The additional life spans of LED products, their low energy consumption and exceptional performance levels mean that many LED lighting suppliers secure Carbon Trust accreditation. For many business leaders, this is becoming an important factor, few owners want to be seen to be abusing the planet as they make money.

Having the best LED lighting system installed, with different products for various tasks, maximises productivity and alertness. The clarity of the lighting is outstanding and the human body is programmed to respond to this.

In an office space or workshop a lighting scheme usually adopts LED lighting panel solutions whilst a warehouse or storage area may be better served by high bay lighting.

No two premises are the same, no two enterprises have identical needs, but this is a challenge not a deterrent to leading LED lighting specialists. Your design will be unique, offer excellence and cost efficiency that shows itself on accounts information.

The return on investment can be calculated by lighting companies, LED by Vision produce reports within 48 hours for boardroom analysis, and there are government schemes which clients can investigate to offset expenditure.

LED lighting panels examples include the 600mm X 600mm and the 1200mm X 600mm sizes. They are convenient, can be dropped in to suspended ceilings or use a mounting kit and don’t suffer from glare or flickering issues which traditional fluorescent lighting does.

As LED panel suppliers, LED by Vision’s 1200mm X 600mm panel has the following attributes:

  • Designed by LED lighting specialists in the knowledge that 9/10 applications will be office based.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • 73% energy savings.
  • Available in 45W and 70W options.
  • 120 degrees beam angle.
  • Instant on.
  • Operates in extreme temperatures. -40 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius.
  • 50000 hours life span.
  • Daylight, natural and warm colour temperatures.
  • Anti-glare.
  • No flicker.
  • ESOS and ECA scheme eligibility.
  • Carbon Trust accredited LED panel supplier.
  • 5 Year guarantee.

Based on the 45W LED panel lighting:

  • Financial saving: £1250.03.
  • Carbon saving: 5825kg.
  • Energy saving: 10420kWh.
  • Additional life span: 40000 hours.

Some LED panel suppliers offer trials on site. LED by Vision has a 14-day free trial, for example.

LED lighting specialists are certain you’ll agree with them that LED panel lighting is efficient, delivers top level performance, is clear, cost and energy saving. A pleasure to use.

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