Importing Caravan To Australia From The UK – Things You Should Know

Australia is a country where there is a lot to do and see, and caravanning is a great travel option for people from almost all walks of life to explore this vast country. Whether you are a visitor to Australia or a resident here, caravanning is perhaps the best option for you.

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If you want to own a caravan in Australia, importing one from the UK is a good option because caravans are typically much less expensive in the UK than in Australia. Therefore that makes a good financial sense.

At, they are dedicated to making your import problem-free and they assist you at every step and are keen to save you from unnecessary costs.

Their highly helpful customs clearance agents know all Australian Customs and Border Protection Service requirements and will guide you from the origin of delivery of the caravan at your selected destination.

Important Steps in Importing a Caravan

There is an involvement of many stages while importing caravans from the UK to Australia. Before importing a caravan, an approval from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport will be needed the information of which can be found at

The next step is to deliver the caravan to your selected UK port for loading. A company like Dazmac Logistics is at hand to help you wherever needed. They can organize delivery to the port and even coordinate cleaning before shipping so as to meet the strict quarantine laws of Australia.

Associated Costs

There are a number of costs as well as import duties involved in importation of a caravan from the UK to Australia; but a company like the one mentioned above can make it a breeze for you by taking care of all paperwork and forms.

The importing fees are minimal in comparison to the value of your caravan, particularly in comparison with similar Australian models.

Some associated costs are:

  • Costs of cleaning at the point of origin
  • Costs of shipping to Australia from the UK
  • Australian Customs clearance
  • Port charges in Australia
  • Unpacking and quarantine inspection in Australia
  • GST 10% and import duty 5%
  • AQIS fees
  • Customs entry

Things to Consider while Costing the Import of a Caravan

There are a few things that are considered while costing the import of a caravan and one of the most important among them is the accurate information like the dimensions of the caravan (height, length and width).

Other point is whether the overseas seller will provide the caravan’s delivery to the exit port of loading. Or else your Australian logistics company can arrange collection.

How will be the Caravan Shipped?

This depends on its size. Smaller units are containerised while larger ones are shipped on flat racks. Caravans of any size can get roll on and roll off, mostly for very big units though and the cost depends on the dimensions.

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The caravans should adhere to various regulations. Australian Quarantine is the strictest among all of them, even internationally. Your logistics company can arrange cleaning of the caravan before shipping.

If the unit is used, it may need further cleaning after arrival and inspection, though conducting this process in Australia is more expensive than if the unit was handled and cleaned properly at the point of origin.

The Department of Environment Australia too has strict regulations regarding the import of any vehicle including caravans; so, more information should be provided like whether the caravan is equipped with refrigeration, air conditioning and gas bottles.

In addition to the costs listed above, you should consider a few more costs like the registration of the caravan so as to be able to drive it and a roadworthy certificate.

Hopefully this information will be useful to you while importing a caravan from the UK to Australia. And once you get your caravan, you can enjoy exploring Australia.

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