Step by step instructions to Make Movies in Nollywood

You have a mind wave and have imagined a story which you accept when transformed into a motion picture will be a blockbuster and send notoriety and fortune your way. In any case, you’re uncertain of how to set the ball in movement.

There are three phases in making a film. The pre-creation, generation, and Post Production stages.


1) The story:

The story line fills in as the beginning stage in the mission to making a motion picture. You have to solicit yourself some from these inquiries:

What kind of story would I like to tell?

Who are my intended interest group, would they say they are youngsters, teenagers, adolescents, people, or the family?

What message would I like to go crosswise over to them (topic)?

For what reason would I like to recount the story?

What kind of films will it be grouped under?

Do I need individuals from different nations to effortlessly relate with it by giving it a cross intrigue topic?

Will it be a unique work (your thoughts), adjusted (books) or biopic( life of a man whether in any condition)?

Note: If it’s an adjusted work you must get authorization from the creator, pay the fundamental expenses (after arrangement of transaction and consenting to of arrangements) to guarantee you get the film rights and suspend other producers from utilizing it. In the event that it’s a biopic you need to lead broad research on the genuine biography of the individual, get consent from him/her to shoot the motion picture (if alive), and were he/she is dead you have to get authorization from the bequests/survivors to film the story. Whichever way despite everything you will part with great money.

Keep in mind that the accomplishment of each motion picture lies in the way that you must recount the story right.

2) Transfer the story from your psychological information base on to paper. You can write down the story as it comes to you.

3) The scriptwriter/screenwriter:

You may have the story yet not realize how to form it into a content. So you get a content essayist who most intermittently than not composes the screen play for the film too. The content essayist creates different characters and scenes to recount the story, while the screenwriter ( a professional)converts the content into a working content through which the film can be shot. The Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria is the certify proficient body supervising screen essayists in Nollywood.

4) The maker:

Since you have the best possible content in your grasp, you require a maker (one who collects the cash for the creation of the motion picture). Certify makers have a place with the Association of Movie Producers. The regular demonstration is approach a maker with your content, talk about it, and abandon it for him to experience, and sit tight for the supernatural occurrence call. I generally exhortation youthful scriptwriters or those with great stories created in to contents never to do such, in light of the fact that the majority of time such supernatural occurrence calls never come. They rather decrease to go up against such contents yet later utilize these rejected contents (altered form) to create films and afterward guarantee the magnificence and fortune. Obviously there’s no proof to arraign the blundering maker, so what do you do? One of my articles titled “what youngsters must know before submitting film contents” addresses the subject.

You’re best wagered is to complete a tad of snooping around to discover from the ideal individuals in the business (working in different circles of generation) about great makers, which of them is probably going to get tied up with your thought, and to a degree whether they can be solid. At the point when that has been done, approach the maker and act in an expert way, play it cool and never uncover your franticness.

5) The Budget/Financier:

Okay the maker is intrigued, yet it relies upon whether he has the cash to take care of everything or not ( on the grounds that some do have the cash). Expecting he doesn’t have the cash however has been purchased over by the story, he records a financial plan, at that point goes out to hotspot for the cash. When he motivates the lender to put resources into the generation of the motion picture, bounce for euphoria! The agent is credited with the Executive maker’s title when the opening and shutting credits roll.

6) Cattle call try out:

Working in accordance with the spending he sets up Audition sees in studios and vital gathering purposes of performing artists. A – list performers penciled down for lead jobs have contents conveyed to them. On the off chance that they express their enthusiasm for to taking up the jobs, transactions are made with respect to the acting charges to be gotten and consented to by the two gatherings. Throwing offices, operators and lawful agent of the performing artists are actually non-existent. The Casting chief chooses the individuals who fit into the characters and applies the equivalent paying of expenses rule (generally without the transaction part) to different performing artists

7) Scouting for Location:

The team ( executive, chief of photography and partners, costumier, editorial manager, make up artiste, camera men, creation associates, specialized executive and aides, area administrator, welfare officer, enhancements chief, sound and lights men, blast mike handlers and so on) will likewise have been known. The area chief scouts for the proper area to shoot the films (urban areas, towns, individuals’ homes, diners, extras and apparel outfits, streets) since the accessible studios are yet to be completely used. He reports back his discoveries to the maker who goes out with the chief to affirm whether the area is appropriate for shooting the motion picture or not.

8) Rehearsals and shooting

Serious practices begins before going to area. The area plan is discharged and individuals from cast know when he/she is normal on set. Individuals from the cast are stopped in inns and their needs dealt with to maintain a strategic distance from diversions.


Cast and team are transported to the area locales and the motion picture is shot with the executive steering the issues. The obstructing of activity, shutting down of specific roads, shops, for shooting intentions is for all intents and purposes non-existent.


9) After shooting the motion picture, fundamentally somewhere in the range of 9 and 11 days dependent on (money related limitation and the general standard), the after generation angle starts. Extended periods of chronicle are altered to a perfect time allotment of more than two hours. (sadly makers in an offer to make more cash extend as far as possible for the film into 4-5 hours by applying the general Part 1 and 2 trap). Sound tracks of nearby and outside artistes are for the most part utilized, extraordinary and audio cues are mixed. Sound treatment, shading rectification and reviewing are barely ever completed.

10) Censorship/characterization by NFVCB:

At the point when the last creation has been made on the ace tape, a pre-see duplicate is taken to the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) for restriction and characterization. The Board can either affirm it or ask that specific scenes that would not be perfect for open review which could send wrong flags to them be canceled. Where requested to cancel certain scenes and that has been done, you send a remedy duplicate to them with the engraving “Redress duplicate” on it. It will at that point be evaluated and a letter kept in touch with the impact of the Board’s endorsement. An advertiser who will disseminate the motion picture must be authorized by the NFVCB.

11) The Producer conjures:

The “mass naming” procedure and a great many duplicates are recreated on to vcds/dvds with coats being made, publications, trailer arrangement (which must be endorsed by the Board). Be that as it may, there are cases when the cash exhausted goes past the financial plan and there isn’t sufficient cash to do the previously mentioned. At such occasions the advertiser can choose to take care of everything and later deduct it from the cash produced from the offer of the vcds/dvds. At the point when the important consent has been conceded by the Board, duplicates of the films are taken to the market/films. There’s likewise an Association of Marketers capably spoke to in Idumota, Iweka street Onitsha, Aba, Alaba. Advancement of motion pictures are done, however on a low scale. The Internet, radio and TV appears, visits, adverts in papers and magazines have not been successfully used to advance motion pictures, so you should need to investigate these territories. “Nollywood: cause and uncertain issues”, one of my articles managed the issue

12) Sales Account

The last advance is to have the record of market deals (after a specific period) completed between the maker and the advertiser (aside from the maker moves the motion picture rights, out properly to the advertiser who buys every one of the duplicates reproduced). The maker and the advertiser share the returns from the deals dependent on the authoritative understanding marked (remembering that the agent must have returns on his speculation also). Be that as it may, by and large, the Marketers are the Financiers.

Better believe it! that is about it, and good fortunes to you as you begin the voyage in to changing those accounts in to the real world.


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