tushar gandhi

tushar gandhi

The great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, was briefly held by Mumbai police when he attempted to attend a demonstration honoring Quit India Day at Mumbai’s August Kranti Maidan. After permission for the march was denied due to law and order difficulties, Tushar Gandhi and other participants, such as Teesta Setalvad and G.G. Parikh, eventually made it to the Maidan.

tushar gandhi
tushar gandhi

The great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, said on Wednesday that police had detained him as he left his house to attend Mumbai’s August Kranti Maidan to observe Quit India Day.

In a tweet, social activist Teesta Setalvad stated that she had been prohibited from leaving her home and that renowned independence warrior G G Parikh had also been prevented from traveling to the August Kranti Maidan.

The ‘Shanti March’ rally from Girgaon Chowpatty to the August Kranti Maidan was scheduled to include Tushar Gandhi, Setalvad, and Parikh.
According to a police official, Tushar Gandhi was informed he could not attend a gathering because permission had been denied as he left his home in the Santacruz area.

Later, the official reported, he was let to go to the August Kranti Maidan.
When I left my house to observe Quit India Day on August 9, I was held at Santa Cruz Police Station for the first time in Independent India’s history.

I am happy that My Great Grandparents Bapu and Ba were also detained by the British Police on the historic date,” Tushar Gandhi remarked.

Later, a police spokesman claimed Tushar Gandhi had arrived at the Maidan.

He added Tushar Gandhi will likely take part in a rally that would go from Girgaon Chowpatty to the August Kranti Maidan.

Around 7.45 a.m., a group of Santacruz police officers waiting outside his building informed him that he was unable to participate in the march because permission had been denied owing to a law and order issue.
Then, Tushar Gandhi stated, he went back to his house.

The official claimed that the authorities eventually gave him permission to pay his respects at the August Kranti Maidan.

Later, in a tweet, Tushar Gandhi stated: “Fear in our society is so tangible. As soon as I was given permission to leave the Santa Cruz Police Station, I entered a riksha. The old Muslim cab driver I flagged down in Bandra to take me to August Kranti Maidan panicked when he spotted the police car and told me, “Saab mujhe nahi fasna,” the man wrote.

tushar gandhi
tushar gandhi

It took a lot of persuasion to comfort him. This is the disease currently plaguing our society, and it is for this reason that #Nafraton_Bharat_Chodo_Mohobbat_Se_Dilon_ko_jodo is required.
In a tweet, Setalvad said Parikh was also prohibited from getting to the August Kranti Maidan and that she was blocked from leaving her home.

She posted several images of police officers standing outside her home in the morning on Twitter.
According to a police official, the organizers received formal notification that permission for the event had been denied.

The official stated that although the activists were invited to the gathering (to pay respects) at the August Kranti Maidan if they so desired, the rally was prohibited owing to concerns with law and order and security.

Later, Setalvad arrived at August Kranti Maidan to present homage. He claimed that Parikh paid respects at the Lokmanya Tilak statue in Girgaon before departing.

More than 20 activists who had gathered to take part in the march outside Girgaon Chowpatty earlier in the morning were held by the D B Marg police in south Mumbai, according to another official.

Later on, he claimed, all of the activists were pardoned.

tushar gandhi

A significant turning point in India’s history of struggle for freedom from British domination is the “Quit India” campaign.

To commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Quit India movement, individuals paid a visit to the August Kranti Maidan on Wednesday and left floral offerings at the Gandhi Smruti Stambh.
This is the location where Mahatma Gandhi issued his famous “do-or-die” demand for independence.

Mahatma Gandhi’s cry for immediate independence served as the catalyst for the movement’s inception in August 1942 at Mumbai’s Gowalia Tank, which eventually became known as August Kranti Maidan as a result of its connection to the momentous date.

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