Noise Color Fit Pro 4

The popularity of smartwatches has changed considerably over the past two years, and we now tend to expect certain capabilities, like heart rate and SpO2 tracking, high-resolution color screens,
and, on more affordable versions, the ability to get notifications from multiple apps. The big new trend in smartwatches is Bluetooth calling.

Since this feature was previously only available on more expensive smartwatches, consumers are drawn to the convenience of being able to take calls on their wrists.
Noise’s newest product, the ColorFit Pro 4, enters the Bluetooth calling market. This smartwatch, which costs Rs. 3,499, makes a lot of promises at a very affordable price, such as the capability to make and receive calls on your wrist, important fitness and health tracking sensors, and up to seven days of battery life.

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Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s design and characteristics.
The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 is one of many inexpensive smartwatches that have the rectangular dial style made popular by the Apple Watch series.

The display of the smartwatch has a 356×400 pixel resolution and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. It is a 1.72-inch TFT LCD touchscreen.

It is possible to view text and data on the screen with ease because the screen is quite sharp and detailed.
There are plenty of options when it comes to how flashy or distinctive you want the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 to seem because it comes in six different colors. For the price, I felt my review unit’s silver-gray shell and grey 22mm replacement silicone straps were rather appealing to look at.
The screen’s borders are fairly thick, but if you use a watch face with a black background, you scarcely notice them in everyday use.

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 sports a small speaker grille on the left side and a microphone on the right side, both of which are utilized for Bluetooth calling.

On the right side, there is only one button that rotates to allow for navigation. The optical sensors for measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate, as well as the contact points for the magnetic charger, are located on the bottom of the smartwatch. The IP68 rating for dust and water protection applies to the ColorFit Pro 4.

The sales package includes the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 charging cord, some paperwork, and user manuals. The smartwatch weighs 24.1g and pairs with devices using Bluetooth 5.3. Additionally, the accelerometer enables the lift-to-wake action to activate the screen.

Software and app Noise ColorFit Pro 4
The Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s software is straightforward and designed to complement the hardware aspects of the watch, similar to most inexpensive smartwatches.

The gadget also serves as a notification receiver, showing notifications and giving you a quick preview of text-based alerts from your smartphone. Additionally, the ColorFit Pro 4 has Bluetooth calling capabilities that enable it to operate as a Bluetooth speaker and microphone system when coupled with your smartphone.

The Bluetooth calling function is seen as a second Bluetooth device on your smartphone. When connected to this second device, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 can be used to make and receive calls from your smartphone just like any other Bluetooth audio device. To stop using the Bluetooth device, simply unplug it from your smartphone as necessary.

This has no impact on the synchronization and notification connection because it is paired as a separate device and is always active in low-energy mode.
It’s interesting to note that the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 includes interactive, dynamic watch faces that can be used to connect with the corresponding apps and view specific statistics.
Although high-end smartwatches frequently have this capability, less expensive devices like this don’t frequently have these this is a great addition to watch faces. Unfortunately,

there is no always-on setting for the screen. When the watch is on standby, tapping the screen has no impact; you must use the lift-to-wake motion or press the button to activate it.
The widgets and apps that are shown depend on the watch face being worn, but the Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s home screen usually makes it simple to notice the essential elements.

My favorite watch face on the gadget showed battery life, heart rate, steps, and heart rate details, as well as buttons to access the exercise and activity screens.
Through the smartphone app, you may also download and use a variety of additional watch faces, however, most of these are static and lack the advantages of dynamic watch faces. The Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s user interface is straightforward, looks beautiful on the sharp screen and makes it simple to access most settings and tasks with a few taps or swipes.

Push the physical button once to display the list of apps on the Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s app drawer. The smartphone has several apps, such as Noise Health, Noise Buzz (a Bluetooth calling app), Clock (which includes tools like a stopwatch, timer, and alarms), weather, stocks, and more.

a flashlight, and watch faces. The smartwatch cannot be configured to run any other apps, but you can download watch faces using the NoiseFit app on your smartphone.
The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 and your smartphone are connected via the NoiseFit app, which is available for iOS and Android. Once synchronized, fitness and health data can be examined in detail on the app, and settings for the device, including notification alerts, automatic heart rate tracking, weather settings, and more, may be changed.

Software upgrades are another feature of the app.

The app also enables you to download and sync new watch faces from the gallery and create customized watch faces for the gadget.

During my time examining the smartwatch, the software was well-designed, kept a solid connection with the Noise ColorFit Pro 4, and reliably pushed notifications and synchronized data.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 battery life and performance

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 functions best as an add-on and notification device for your smartphone, similar to other reasonably priced smartwatches.
You may enjoy a large, clear screen, the freedom to switch watch faces to suit your mood, and the confidence that you won’t need to take out your smartphone to check for app alerts with the Noise ColorFit Pro 4.

Additionally, there is Bluetooth calling capability, which I have found to be useful occasionally.

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s speaker and microphone are rudimentary, so don’t plan on using it for lengthy talks. In fact, doing so wouldn’t be particularly comfortable because you need to keep the watch up close to your face in order to hear and be heard clearly. But for brief, quick discussions, especially when you’re out and about or even in the middle of a workout and your smartphone isn’t readily available, this works just fine.
The Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s tracking of fitness and health wasn’t generally particularly accurate.
The ColorFit Pro 4 recorded 1,075 steps during our 1000-step test, even though I actually counted 1,000.

Compared to the Apple Watch Series 5, the gap increased over longer distances to almost 85 additional steps per 1,000.
For comparable activities with both devices worn simultaneously, distance estimations were nearly the same as those of the Apple Watch, although calorie measurements differed quite a little.

There are many different workouts that can be done, including some quite unusual ones like kite flying and kabaddi, but I only used the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 to track my walking sessions.
When compared to a pulse oximeter, heart rate, and blood oxygen tracking were precise when seated, but inconsistent when moving when compared to the Apple Watch.

For the most part, sleep monitoring was ok. Overall, I wouldn’t suggest the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 for tracking exercise and health.
In comparison to other smartwatches of this type and price range, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s battery life was adequate.

The wristwatch could be used for many notifications from my smartphone throughout the day, occasional workout tracking, and possibly a few minutes of using the Bluetooth calling feature each day for about six days on a single battery.


The Noise ColorFit Pro stands out among inexpensive smartwatches for a few significant reasons. One benefit is that it has a good selection of features, such as Bluetooth calling, a vibrant color screen, and adjustable watch faces.

The second important factor is that all of this is available for considerably less money than most similarly equipped competitors; for Rs. 3,499, you get a capable experience that is at least as good as most of the competition in this market.
The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 is an attractive, feature-rich smartwatch that is worth considering if you’re on a low budget. You should buy this device primarily for the screen, Bluetooth calling capabilities, and design; fitness monitoring is not one of its strong suits.

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