FIFA Women's World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup

After winning the 2015 event in Canada and the 2019 edition of the tournament in France, the USA seeks to achieve the “three-peat.”

Get ready for an instigative summer as the FIFA Women’s World Cup makes its return for the ninth edition! Prepare yourself for a thrilling athletic event as Australia and New Zealand concertedly host the event for the first time! Beginning on July 20, brigades from all over the world will congregate in Australia to contend for the famed crown. The grand final, which will be played on August 20 at the notorious Sydney Olympic Stadium, is the ultimate thing for all 32 brigades. The topmost of the stylist will go over and further in a grand dogfight to win the largely sought-after prize. The US enters the competition with great prospects of pulling off an extraordinary” three-peat.” Both the 2015 edition, held in Canada, and the 2019 edition, held in France, saw their former palms.

FIFA Women's World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup

The US platoon has established itself as a major force in women’s football, but this time they must contend with a reorganized platoon that has lower overall playing time. This presents an exhilarating chance for other brigades to take advantage of their advantages and seriously challenge the peremptory titlists. The England Lionesses, under the direction of trainer Sarah Wiegman, are one noteworthy group. With their fabulous palm at the Euros offered at Wembley last summer, they made history and changed how women’s football is viewed in their native nation. England is motivated to advance indeed higher this time and leave their mark on the competition after making it to the semifinals in the former two seasons. Hosts Sam Kerr of Chelsea is a star for Australia, who are also among the pets. Traditional superpowers like Germany, France, and Spain will do everything in their capability to compete the Americans.

FIFA Women's World Cup

The Netherlands, who finished second in 2019, will also be motivated to get vengeance on the US during the group stages. The following information regarding the event’s specifics is important to know This summer, from July 20 to August 20, will see the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Since the games will be played around Australia and New Zealand, football suckers can anticipate an energetic and instigative terrain. For suckers in India, you can catch all the action on the FanCode mobile app( available for Android, iOS, and television), the television app accessible through Android television, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Jio STB, Samsung TV, Airtel XStream, OTT Play, and also So, make sure to tune in and substantiate the thrilling moments of the event as women’s football takes center stage!

FIFA Women’s World Cup Groups:

Group A: New Zealand, Norway Philippines, Switzerland

Group B: Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, Canada

Group C: Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia, Japan

Group D: England, Haiti, Denmark, China

Group E: Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam

Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica, Panama

Group G: Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden

Group H: Colombia, Germany, South Korea, Morocco

FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule:

Thursday, July 20

Group A: New Zealand vs. Norway

Group B: Australia vs. Ireland

Friday, July 21

Group B: Nigeria vs. Canada

Group A: Philippines vs. Switzerland

Group C: Spain vs. Costa Rica

Saturday, July 22

Group E: United States vs. Vietnam

Group C: Zambia vs. Japan

Group D: England vs. Haiti

Group D: Denmark vs. China

Sunday, July 23

Group G: Sweden vs. South Africa

Group E: Netherlands vs. Portugal

Group F: France vs. Jamaica

Monday, July 24

Group G: Italy vs. Argentina

Group H: Germany vs. Morocco

Group F: Brazil vs. Panama

Tuesday, July 25

Group H: Colombia vs. South Korea

Group A: New Zealand vs. Philippines

Group A: Switzerland vs. Norway

Wednesday, July 26

Group C: Japan vs. Costa Rica

Group C: Spain vs. Zambia

Group B: Canada vs. Ireland

Thursday, July 27

Group E: United States vs. Netherlands

Group E: Portugal vs. Vietnam

Group B: Australia vs. Nigeria

Friday, July 28

Group G: Argentina vs. South Africa

Group D: England vs. Denmark

Group D: China vs. Haiti

Saturday, July 29

FIFA Women's World Cup

Group G: Sweden vs. Italy

Group F: France vs. Brazil

Group F: Panama vs. Jamaica

Sunday, July 30

Group H: South Korea vs. Morocco

Group H: Germany vs. Colombia

Group A: Switzerland vs. New Zealand

Group A: Norway vs. Philippines

Monday, July 31

Group C: Japan vs. Spain

Group C: Costa Rica vs. Zambia

Group B: Canada vs. Australia

Group B: Ireland vs. Nigeria

Tuesday, August 1

Group E: Portugal vs. United States

Group E: Vietnam vs. Netherlands

Group D: China vs. England

Group D: Haiti vs. Denmark

Wednesday, August 2

Group G: Argentina vs. Sweden

Group G: South Africa vs. Italy

Group F: Panama vs. France

Group F: Jamaica vs. Brazil

Thursday, August 3

Group H: South Korea vs. Germany

Group H: Morocco vs. Colombia

Saturday, August 5

Match 49: 1A vs 2C

Match 50: 1C vs 2A

Sunday, August 6

Match 51: 1E vs 2G

Match 52: 1G vs 2A

Monday, August 7

Match 53: 1D vs 2B

Match 54: 1B vs 2D

Tuesday, August 8

Match 55: 1H vs 2F

Match 56: 1F vs 2H

Friday, August 11

QF1: W49 vs W51

QF2: W50 vs W52

Saturday, August 12

QF3: W53 vs W55

QF4: W54 vs W56

Tuesday, August 15: SF1: QF1 vs QF2

Wednesday, August 16: SF2: QF3 vs QF4

Saturday, August 19: Third-place match

Sunday, August 20: The Final

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