In the first T20I, India came out as strong contenders to register a straight victory after their comprehensive win. It seemed like things could go according to the script when Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma gave them a quick start. However, the visiting team lost three wickets within the span of

five balls in the fifth and sixth over. Then, Yastika Bhatia fell at the ninth spot, putting India in a difficult position. Bangladesh maintained the pressure, not allowing anything to slip on the field, and ultimately, India could only reach a modest score of 95/8. However, they used spinners to strangle

Bangladesh, just as the host team did to them. It appeared that Bangladesh was faltering in pursuit of the target, but captain Nigar Sultana brought the target back on track. In the end, Sultana got out for 38 runs. Shafali took three wickets in the final over, giving away just one run, while another wicket fell due to a run-out, resulting in India winning by eight runs.


India vs Bangladesh Women 2nd T20I HIGHLIGHTS

Right then, that’s all from this game. India Women have sealed this three-match T20I series with a game to go and will be now eyeing a 3-0 whitewash. On the other hand, Bangladesh Women had their fair share of moments in this game but were unable to get over the line. Nigar Sultana and Co. will

look to finish the series strongly and avoid the whitewash. The third and final T20 of this series will take place on Thursday, the 13th of July at the same venue. The first ball will be bowled at 1.30 pm IST (8.00 am GMT). As always, you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye!

The score was part of the game, according to India Women captain Harmanpreet Kaur, since occasionally the strategy doesn’t work out. However, the bowlers deserve praise because they helped the team remain competitive and win the match. In this series, the team’s young bowlers are crucial, and they performed when trusted in challenging circumstances, the author continues.

Due to her excellent all-around performance, Deepti Sharma is named Player of the Match. She claims that the spinners benefited from the track and that she had fun there. explains that her easy strategy was to bowl dot balls. Mentions that the message was simply to maintain their composure and adhere

to the strategy they had developed. She ends by emphasising the importance of effectively completing her work with both the bat and the ball.

The bowlers fared well, according to Bangladesh Women’s captain Nigar Sultana, in limiting India. She believes that she ought to have won the game for her team. Adds that she did not receive the desired

start and expresses excitement for the upcoming match. She claims that Sobhana Mostary is receiving therapy and that she wants to be able to participate in the upcoming match.

Earlier in the match, India got off to a quick start thanks to their openers after Harmanpreet Kaur made the right decision and chose to bat first. However, the visitors quickly found themselves in trouble at 33-3. Indian Women were put through a test by spin, and it seemed like they had no

solutions as they continued to lose wickets at regular intervals. India eked out 95 runs with the help of Deepti Sharma and Amanjot Kaur’s efforts. With a three-wicket haul, Sultana Khatun stood out for Bangladesh.

India vs Bangladesh Women 2nd T20I HIGHLIGHTS - India defeated Bangladesh by eight runs to take a 2-0 series lead

In terms of their experience, Bangladeshi women have had a tale of two halves. Bangladesh Women were off to a rough start with the bat while doing an excellent job with the ball. Prior to the arrival of Nigar Sultana and the establishment of stability, the hosts were all at sea against the Indian spinner.

The Bangladesh captain was unfazed by what was occurring at the other end and used a smart knock to keep her team in the game. The remainder of the batting lineup, though, found it to be a bridge too far after she was dismissed in the last over.

The Indian spinners put forth a professional performance to help them win the second T20I! India Women have established a commanding 2-0 series lead after giving Bangladesh Women a taste of

their own medicine. India Women needed early wickets to have a chance of winning the game because they had a low total to defend. For the visitors, Minnu Mani was the one to get things started, while Deepti Sharma took care of the other opener.

The likes of Shafali Verma, Bareddy Anusha and Jemimah Rodrigues came to the party as well and did an excellent job of drying up the runs. Nigar Sultana stood between them and the win but Deepti Sharma with her experience saw the back of the Bangladesh skipper. Despite having an expensive 2nd

over, Shafali Verma was given the task of bowling the final over and she passed the test with flying colours. The Indian spinners performed superbly to aid in their victory in the second T20I! Following a dose of their own medicine, India Women enjoy a dominating 2-0 series lead against Bangladesh

Women. India Women had a low score to defend, therefore they needed early wickets to stand a chance of winning the match. Minnu Mani opened the scoring for the visitors, while Deepti Sharma handled the other opening.

Marufa Akter to Shafali Verma: OUT! STUMPED! Finishing with another wicket, Shafali Verma! India Women have won this match in Mirpur thanks to a late run of wickets in the last over. Marufa Akter comes forward down the track in an attempt to go big but ends up missing any connection with the

back, and Yastika Bhatia quickly takes the bails. Yastika Bhatia is fuller and quicker outside the off-stump line. This game is won by India Women by 8 runs.

To Marufa Akter from Shafali Verma, Marufa Akter reached to it from outside, full and broad, trying to go large but failing.

Shafali Verma to you, Fahima Khatun, you’re out! AWAY IN THE AIR, FLIGHT! Fahima Khatun’s departure also means that Bangladeshi women’s aspirations are lost. Fahima Khatun, who is thrown

towards the centre, makes an attempt to go big but ends up skying so high. Shafali Verma, Fahima Khatun’s remover, settles in and makes an excellent catch.

Fahima Khatun attempts to ramp it from the outside, full and broad, but she is unable.

Nahida Akter’s Shafali Verma: OUT! FLIGHT, GO AWAY IN THE AIR! India Women are now the

favourites because they have captured two straight wickets. Nahida Akter, who was positioned in the centre, attempts to go big but ultimately misses when Harleen Deol gets a chance late in the game. This time, Harleen Deol snags it with ease and success.

Shafali Verma, from Nahida Akter: OUT! RUN-OUT! Nahida Akter runs for a little period of time as she

completes the single, clearing her front leg and pulling it on a short length into the deep mid-wicket region. the departure from Amanjot Kaur was pin point at the non-striking end as Shafali Verma picks it up and dislodges the bails.

Shafali Verma (2-0-14-0) will bowl the final over. Can she defend 9 runs?

In correspondence with Rabeya Khan, Rabeya Khan cuts this towards the point after being sent outside off for no run. To win this match, Bangladesh Women will need 10 runs from the last over.

Nigar Sultana to Deepti Sharma: OUT! OVERCOME AND GONE! The greatest wicket of the match came when India Women defeated Nigar Sultana at a pivotal moment in the match. Fuller one outside off, Nigar Sultana moves forward and tries to make a strong move but is defeated, and Yastika Bhatia quickly removes the bails.

Deepti Sharma passes the ball to Nigar Sultana, who hammers it into sweeper cover for a couple. Fuller one around off. With Nigar Sultana not even in the picture, Yastika Bhatia frantically tosses this away from the stumps after collecting it a little distance from them. She had more time than she had anticipated.

To Nahida Akter from Deepti Sharma, Nahida Akter smashes this towards long on after it is thrown up in the centre for yet another single.Deepti Sharma to Nigar Sultana, Short of length and a bit quicker in middle, Nigar Sultana pulls it towards Smriti Mandhana at long on and takes a single.

To Nigar Sultana from Deepti Sharma, Nigar Sultana sends this back towards the bowler for a scoreless delivery that is full and wide outside off.

Jemimah Rodrigues dropped to the ground while speaking to Nigar Sultana. Significant play in the game when Nigar Sultana’s catch was spilled by Harleen Deol. Nigar Sultana attempts to go big but ends up lofting this towards long on, but Harleen Deol spills the catch, and they take a single.

To Nigar Sultana, Jemimah Rodrigues Nigar Sultana scoops the ball from the centre towards Harmanpreet Kaur at square leg without making a run.

Jemimah Rodrigues to Nigar Sultana, FOUR! Pressure reliever stroke for a boundary. Tossed up on off, Nigar Sultana takes the calculated risk as she chips this over the head of extra-cover for a boundary.

To Nahida Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Nahida Akter moves this towards the cover area once it has been thrown up on off.

Nigar Sultana receives a pass from Jemimah Rodrigues. Nigar Sultana sweeps the ball towards the fine leg for a single.

Fuller one on off, Jemimah Rodrigues to Nigar Sultana, Nigar Sultana pushes this to the off side for no run.

Nahida Akter receives a pass from Bareddy Anusha, who then throws a fuller one that she tries to put into the gap on off but misses.

Nigar Sultana to Bareddy Anusha, Nigar Sultana takes a single after this is tossed up in the centre and moved to the right side.

Nigar Sultana to Bareddy Anusha, 2 Leg byes. Nigar Sultana throws it outside off, hoping to sweep, but it deflects off her pads and onto short third man, giving them a single. However, a waivered throw at the non-striking end gives them the second.

Nigar Sultana to Bareddy Anusha, Nigar Sultana sends this back towards the bowler full and wide outside off.

Nahida Akter tucks this away for one while giving Bareddy Anusha the fuller one around.

Nahida Akter to Bareddy Anusha, wide! Nahida Akter lets it alone after fuller one much too wide outside off.

Nigar Sultana to Bareddy Anusha, Nigar Sultana throws this up on off, tucks it to the on side, and takes a single.

Nahida Akter tries to drive but is beaten by Jemimah Rodrigues’ full and wide outside off pass to her.

To Nahida Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Nahida Akter defends this excellently despite the centre being short in length.

Nigar Sultana receives a pass from Jemimah Rodrigues and pushes it to the off side for a single after Fuller hits it on the off side. The batsman is securely within even though Jemimah Rodrigues gathers this nicely and smacks the stumps on the non-striking end.

To Nahida Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Nahida Akter throws this up in the centre and pushes it to the onside for a single.

To Nigar Sultana, Jemimah Rodrigues Nigar Sultana sweeps this for a single after tossing it up on off.

To Nigar Sultana, Jemimah Rodrigues Nigar Sultana pulls it towards mid-wicket from middle short of a length for no run.

To Nigar Sultana from Deepti Sharma, Nigar Sultana sweeps this towards fine leg for a single while being fuller and one wide of off.

To Nahida Akter from Deepti Sharma, Nahida Akter throws the ball up on off and puts it towards the far on fielder for a single.

Nahida Akter keeps Deepti Sharma out of the conversation this time, full this time, on off.

To Nahida Akter from Deepti Sharma, Nahida Akter, who is short and standing outdoors, lunges but misses.

Shorna Akter to Deepti Sharma: OUT! FLYING AWAY IN THE AIR! Shorna Akter is eliminated by Deepti Sharma, adding another twist to the game. Shorna Akter shapes to move it over the line while fraction short and turning in on the centre and leg, but she closes the bat face too soon. catches a leading edge and lobs it back to the bowler. First to shift to her right in anticipation of the ball was Deepti Sharma. She makes a swift recovery and completes the grab by diving to her left. Half of Bangladesh’s women’s team has now left.

To Nigar Sultana from Deepti Sharma, Nigar Sultana throws this up on off and pushes it to the off side for a single.

To Shorna Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Shorna Akter, who is short and outside off, attempts to cut but misses because the ball is staying low.

To Shorna Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Shorna Akter sweeps it directly to mid-wicket while floating up and on off.

To Shorna Akter, Jemimah Rodrigues Shorna Akter moves it to the square leg on the middle.

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