Mukesh Ambani is anticipated to talk about Jio 5G’s future in India and tariff plans, as well as probable updates on JioAir Fiber and a new 5G Jio smartphone, at Reliance Industries’ 46th AGM event, which has been scheduled for August 28.

The 46th RIL AGM will take place on the dates that Reliance Industries Ltd. has declared.

On August 28, the business will conduct one of the biggest events of the year, during which Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani is anticipated to discuss Jio 5G’s future for the Indian market as well as rate plans.

In addition to this, we might learn more about the JioAir Fiber roadmap, a brand-new 5G Jio smartphone, and other things. However, news regarding Jio 5G will be among the most crucial items. Here is what we currently know.

On August 28, at the Reliance AGM 2023 event, would Mukesh Ambani finally reveal Jio 5G prepaid plans?

Mukesh Ambani is rumored to introduce new Jio 5G prepaid options during their RIL AGM 2023 event. Reliance Jio has already installed 5G networks in the vast majority of Indian regions, which gives rise to this expectation. More than 7,500 new places, districts, and cities now have 5G coverage thanks to their promise to a full-scale Jio 5G service launch by 2024.

Jio has utilized its current 4G plans to deliver 5G services up until this point. However, there’s a chance that the business will use this occasion to introduce specific 5G rate plans. It’s unclear if these initiatives will make their public debut at the next AGM or not until later on.

It’s significant to remember that these intentions have not yet been officially confirmed. As a result, in order to get more information on this, we’ll need to wait patiently for more updates in the following days.
How much may prepaid or postpaid 5G tariff plans cost in India?


The government has previously declared that cost-effective 5G tariff plans will be made available. This was also alluded to by Prime Minister Modi, who noted the amazing decrease in data prices from roughly Rs 300 per GB to roughly Rs 10 per GB. “A person in India uses 14GB on average per month.

This now costs between 125 and 150 rupees, but it would have cost around 4200. This resulted from government initiatives, he claimed.
Jio 5G tariff plans will be available at the lowest prices compared to any telecom firm in the world, Ambani stated last year. The rates of 5G plans would also allegedly mimic those of 4G plans, according to a top Airtel official.

People currently spend an average of 400 to 600 rupees to receive limitless benefits. Therefore, there is a good chance that 5G plan costs will be in this same ballpark. There is still time for the announcement, although it is still unclear which firm will be able to provide better tariff plans.

Reliance’s FY23 report shows Rs 9.7T in revenue, Rs 1.5T in EBITDA, and a 33.4 percent increase in exports.


India’s conglomerate behemoth Reliance Industries has revealed its consolidated financial results for the fiscal year 2022–2023, displaying strong growth in a number of areas.
India’s dominant conglomerate, Reliance Industries, has revealed its fiscal year 2022–2023 consolidated financial results, showing strong development on a number of fronts.
A remarkable consolidated revenue of $9,74,864 crore was recorded by the corporation, solidifying its place as a prominent player in the Indian corporate landscape. EBITDA for Reliance’s FY23 was 1,53,920 crore, demonstrating its ongoing profitability, while net profit was 73,670 crore.

One of the performance highlights for Reliance was its impressive export growth, which soared by 33.4% to reach 3.4 lakh crore for the year. This resulted in a higher percentage of India’s merchandise exports, which now account for almost 9.3%, up from 8.4% the year before.
Additionally, Reliance made a sizeable $1,77,173 crore contribution to the national exchequer, which included a large increase in both direct and indirect taxes totaling more than $16,639 crore.

With the highest-ever corporate social responsibility investment of 1,271 crore, the company’s dedication to its social responsibility programs was clear.
The astonishing role Reliance played in creating jobs was a crucial sign of its influence on the economy. During the fiscal year,

the company impressively added 2.6 lakh positions across all of its different operations, raising its on-roll workforce to around 3.9 lakh. The company’s ripple impact was even more obvious because it was essential in creating countless prospects for indirect employment.

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