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Maaveeran Movie Synopsis: A timid cartoonist is ‘controlled’ by a cartoon action figure and takes on a corrupt politician.

“Maaveeran” Movie Review: In his directorial debut, Madon Ashwin skillfully blends humor and social commentary in “Maaveeran,” much like his previous film “Mandela.” The narrative is well-paced and infused with vibrant fantasy elements.

The film begins with the government’s gentrification initiative, which forces the community of slum dwellers, including the protagonist Satya (Sivakarthikeyan), to relocate to a flat. Soon, they realize that

the flat is poorly constructed, with loose door handles, peeling paint on the walls, and cracks appearing with the slightest pressure.

However, Satya, a cartoonist, defiantly tells his mother (Sarita) who insists on adjusting to the situation, “Fix the issues of this faulty building.” In a twist of events, Satya starts hearing the voice of

the main character from his cartoon strip—a brave warrior—who urges him to act according to his own will and fight for the people. Eventually, Satya finds himself confronting the wrath of Minister M.N. Jayakodi (Misken), who is responsible for the shoddy construction.


Can this timid cartoonist find his inner superhero and save his people from the impending disaster?

While “Maaveeran” initially feels like a commercial entertainer on the surface, Madon Ashwin assures us from the start that we are in the hands of a capable filmmaker who infuses familiar elements with his own touch.

Consider the situation where the slum residents leave the area they have called home for ages to move into the freshly built apartments.

 Although most filmmakers would have highlighted the emotional aspect of this moment, the director ensures that we understand the emotional significance of this step.

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The first half is filled with social commentary that is sharp and humorous. Yogi Babu’s portrayal of a hired laborer assigned to do patchwork in the building is fantastic. His character represents a Tamil

worker whose job is being taken by migrant laborers from North India who come at lower wages and unquestioningly follow the orders of their employers.

In terms of fantasy elements, we witness something similar to what we have seen in films like “Tuglaq Durbar,” and Madon Ashwin cleverly uses the voice of Vijay Sethupathi, the lead actor of that film, as the voice of the main character in his cartoon strip.

While the first half progresses with quick-paced and laughter-inducing moments that keep us engaged, the second half slows down in pace. The humor becomes scarce, and the film leans more

towards the service of the protagonist, featuring extended action sequences that become tiresome after a point. Additionally, the antagonist’s character becomes weak after significant buildup. The

director intends to create a parallel between the protagonist and the antagonist—if one hears a guiding voice in their actions, the other has a voice that directs them towards greed and corruption

(Sunil Varma as Satya’s childhood friend)! Although this idea appears intriguing on paper, it doesn’t translate as effectively on the screen. The climax also feels forced in its attempt to provide a resolution.


According to the most recent information, the movie underwent the censorship procedure successfully and was given a U/A certificate. Additionally, the movie’s official runtime has been determined to be 2 hours, 46 minutes.

Significant roles will be played by Sarita, Yogi Babu, and others. The music for this film, which was made by Shanti Talkies, was composed by Bharat Shankar. Browse this area for more intriguing updates.

Having said that, despite losing some impact along the way, the film remains engaging until the end.

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