The Summer I Turned Pretty

Belly loves and loses

The Summer

Suddenly, men who had avoided her all these years are taking notice of a shy, bespectacled young lady as she wakes up one day. It turns out, it’s because she has become beautiful and attractive, and

fundamentally, she possesses everything that attracts boys’ attention. She has two friends who are trying to compete for her love and are creating a lot of chaos in the process. Sound familiar? That’s because it

forms the basis of most of your teenage dramas. The summer turns pretty in Amazon Prime Video’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty” fits perfectly into this bracket. In reality, it seems like the creators have deviated

from their path to portray the show’s protagonist, Belly (Lola Tung), as a teenager who has discovered the key to attractiveness and desire.

The Summer

Season 1 Recap

Despite being a clichéd rom-com/teen drama, Belly, and her family and friends keep you engaged. In the first season, we witnessed Belly’s beach trip where she spent her summers at the beach house of her

mother’s (Laurel) best friend, Susannah Fisher, for years. Belly shares a great bond with Susannah and has two sons with her – Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has always been familiar with Conrad. But this summer

(when she transformed into a beauty), she has become the center of both brothers’ affection. Amidst new friendships and the search for a completely new experience, she finds herself entangled between the two.

But amidst all this, she also discovers that Susannah is struggling. How did Belly’s journey end in “The Summer I Turned Pretty”?

Season 2: Downfall (No spoilers!)

The second season starts with Belly returning home after the debutante ball. Another summer is approaching, but this time Belly has come to realize how rapidly things can change and that not every childhood dream will come true.

The show takes us through flashbacks that gradually reveal what transpired in the months after the debutante ball. We get to know about Susannah’s cancer, Belly’s love life, and ultimately, whom she chooses – Jeremiah or Conrad.

Presently, Belly is far away from the summers of the past year and everything she experienced.

She no longer has the same connection to the Fishers.
She quickly discovers that she has been caught in the past as she struggles to accept the new reality.
An incident brings her back to Fisher’s, where she finds herself reconnecting with the things she thought couldn’t happen anymore. Each flashback in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” unfolds the story from Belly’s perspective, revealing layer after layer the reasons why things are the way they are today.

Meanwhile, Belly and the boys have to face a new problem in Fisher’s, which brings them all together. It’s not something they can fight alone, but still, they are determined to try. Where the first season showed Belly finding love, the second season portrays her grappling with the fear of losing it.

Belly has come to realize how rapidly things can change and that not every childhood dream will come true.
Should You Watch It?
There is no reason for you to miss the second season if you have already watched the first.

The Summer

There are plenty of answers you’ll crave, especially regarding whom Belly ends up with – Jeremiah or Conrad? Or someone else entirely?

For those contemplating watching it, go ahead. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you enjoy romantic comedies, teenage and high school dramas.

The first three episodes will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on July 14th, with the rest released each Friday.

Belly and Jeremiah intend to wed at Susannah’s infamous Cousins seaside house. Belly discovers Conrad has been residing there while she is making plans, and it doesn’t take her long to realize she genuinely loves him. Belly moves to Spain to study abroad after her relationship with Jeremiah ends. Then Conrad starts penning her love notes.

When Belly comes back, they start dating once more, and the tale closes with the couple getting hitched. Although it is pouring heavily, Belly and Conrad don’t seem to mind. In their wedding attire and exultant about their impending union for all time, they dash into the water.

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