The movie “Jailer,” starring Rajinikanth and Nelson Dilipkumar, will open in theaters on August 10. Trade analysts predict that the movie would gross between Rs 50 and Rs 60 crore on Day 1 worldwide.

Rajinikanth, the superstar, is a mystery! No matter if he produces a success or a failure, he is always praised. After the lackluster “Annaatthe,” Rajinikanth is returning with “Jailer,” which is his first film since theThe showcase/trailer provided ‘Jailer’ with the much-needed publicity because it received relatively little promotions. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala offers his thoughts on the Day 1 projection and the impact of no early morning broadcasts ahead of the major release.

first partnership with Nelson Dilipkumar. The anticipation is intense as the movie’s debut is only one week away. And since the presentation was made public on August 2, the buzz has multiplied.


One of the most well-known actors in Indian cinema, particularly in Tamil Nadu, is superstar Rajinikanth. Fans are eagerly anticipating his comeback after ‘Annatthe’. And the “Jailer” trailer has given them the ideal mood. It demonstrated Rajinikanth in his element. His chic antics, intimidating grin, and some fantastic action sequences have raised interest in the clip.


Ramesh added in an exclusive interview with that the audience responded favorably to the three songs, showcase, and audio launch speech. From 6 to 60, Rajinikanth has a strong fan following. Fans will therefore adore the movie and rejoice over Thalaivar. Being a rural performer, “Annaathe” could not have drawn audiences with diverse tastes. However, “Jailer” has an urban feel to it, complete with firearms and swords. Therefore, the advance reservation seems promising.

Sun Television will broadcast the audio debut on August 6. Ramesh claims that it will be the final stage of “Jailer’s” promotion, which will reach millions of people.


Early morning performances in Tamil Nadu have been canceled as a result of the conflict between “Thunivu” and “Varisu” in January 2023, which claimed the life of a fan. There are no 4 a.m. or 7 a.m. shows for “Jailer,” and the first show will start at 9 a.m. throughout the state. ‘Jailer’ may have benefited the most from the early am shows with a four-day opening weekend.

Under the condition of anonymity, a theater owner stated that the Tamil Nadu government should reinstate the early morning performances with appropriate guidelines. People started visiting theaters after Covid-19, and only when films starring big names are released does business take up. We would have to wait till the following significant release if we miss this chance. The theater industry as well as the producers are being impacted by this “no early morning show” restriction. I concur that there is a significant amount of fan commotion at these performances. However, we could use more rules governing safety and ticket prices. I’m hoping they make a decision quickly.

Ramesh Bala stated that this would put a small dent in “Jailer’s” collections. The first program in Tamil Nadu would start at nine in the morning. A 6 a.m. concert is conceivably possible in Kerala and Karnataka. The ‘no early morning show’ in Tamil Nadu is causing a slight delay in the release of ‘Jailer’ in the US. ‘Jailer’ could make about Rs 25 crore in Tamil Nadu on Day 1 and about Rs 50–60 crore globally. The movie is also off to a fantastic start internationally. We are unable to ascertain the pre-release business because the producing company, Sun Pictures, owns the rights to the film.

SunNXT would purchase the streaming rights, Sun TV would purchase the satellite rights, and Red Giant Movies would receive the distribution rights in exchange for a commission.


Rajinikanth has a big global fan base. However, there is a potential that the film will perform better financially than Rajinikanth’s past productions thanks to cameo appearances by Malayalam superstar Mohanlal and Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar.

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